Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2
Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2

Set of 6 Armenian Coffee / Espresso Cups #2

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6 Porcelain 3 oz. espresso cups 

6 Saucer

This set is adorned with Time For Kef, Arev, Tamar, Nazeli, Hrag and Vartuhi.


Arev (Ah-rev) is the word for Sun in Armenian.
Arev holds a decorative vase. Most Armenian ceramic arts have been destroyed over the centuries by invasions, but a few still remain today and are treasured.
Arev is drawn as a young girl full of hope and optimism for her future. She is a reminder to live life looking at the bright side and see the cup as half full. She is for anyone who needs a little sunshine and positivity in their life or for anyone who IS the sunshine and positivity in your life.
Arev’s message to you: “Within you is the light and strength of a thousand suns.”



The name Tamar comes from an Armenian folk story of the legend of Akhtamar Island.

An Armenian princess named Tamar lived on Akhtamar Island in Lake Van in Historic Armenia. She was in love with a commoner. This boy would swim from the mainland to the island each night, his way illuminated by a light she lit for him. One day her father found out about this and was very upset. He went to her as she held the light, waiting for her love.
He turned off the light which ultimately resulted in her lover’s death.
Tamar is for someone who has a big heart and is open and kind.

Tamar’s message to you: “The love in your heart will always illuminate your path.”



Nazeli (Naw-zeh-lee) is an all-encompassing word used to describe someone pretty, graceful, delicate and dainty in Armenian. Different versions of the name include Nazig and Nazani.
Armenian dancing is one of the oldest and most varied in the world! From as early as the 5th millennium B.C, there were rock paintings of scenes of country dancing. Armenian dances tell our ancestor’s stories and embody our history.
This character is for anyone free and expressive with movement.
Nazeli’s message to you: “The songs of centuries flow through you in dance.”



“Hrag” (huh-rawg) is a very popular Armenian boy’s name. The direct definition is “one with fiery eyes!”

Hrag is standing up straight with his arms out to embrace life, smiling cheekily. To represent the brightness of his personality, he wears red, a color in the Armenian flag.
Hrag is for someone with a passionate, fun outlook and a daring excitement for all life has to offer.

Hrag’s message to you: “You give life to what you give energy to.”



Vartuhi (vawr-doo-hee) means “as beautiful as a rose.”
Vartuhi embraces the day! She is fresh, vibrant and sweet as her rose namesake and her beauty is more than skin deep.
Vartuhi is for the person who uplifts the room, who is magnetic in a quiet way. Spending time with this person always gives you a renewed sense of happiness and hope.
Vartuhi’s message to you: “Your beauty lies in the joy you bring to everyone around you.”


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