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Benefits & Services


    Receive a bonus gift from A&S Decor World after your BIG DAY!


    Offer valid online or in-store for 4 months after your wedding date. This applies only to Gifts & Home items you registered before your wedding that remain on your registry after your wedding date.

  • Free gift packaging

    Beautiful presentations every time.


    Dedicated Customer Service


    For assistance with your registry, please contact us via email at

  • Online thank-you note manager

    You have a lot on your mind. We understand. So we'll keep you organized.

A&S Decor world

We make giving great gifts easier for millions of people all year round. Our Universal Gift Lists and Registries are sharable and shoppable ensuring that no matter the occasion - wedding, baby shower, birthday, or holiday - friends and family can find the perfect gift.


What is supposed to be on a wedding registry?

You can create your A&S Decor World registry to outfit your entire home from cookware to dishware, picture frames, and furniture. Fill it with all the things you need (and want) for your life together and let your guests help you create a space that's uniquely your own.

How long before your wedding should you make a registry?

If you're having an engagement party, be sure your wedding gift registry is available to your guests several weeks ahead of time. Even if you're including a "no gifts" message for the event, it's likely that your guests will still bring gifts and a wedding registry can help guide them toward things you want.

If you're not having an engagement party, make sure that your wedding registry is complete before your bridal shower and wedding invitations are sent out. This way, guests can make their purchases as soon as they're aware of the events.

Is a wedding registry the same as a wedding gift list?

Yes. A wedding registry is the same as a wedding gift list. It's the easiest way to help your guests give you something you truly want.

How much should you spend on a wedding registry?

Creating a wedding registry is free of charge. In terms of how many gifts to register for, it's a good rule of thumb to multiply your guest list by two then add a few extras. This way your guests will have plenty of options and can choose something they feel good about. As for the price of items on your wedding gift registry, try to include a range of gifts. With options from $50 to hundreds of dollars, you can allow your friends and family to select gifts that suit your style and their budget. And while some may treat you to extravagant gifts on their own, guests may want to combine their budgets to purchase larger-ticket items, so offering options at a variety of price points can give everyone the freedom to do what's most comfortable for them.

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